Deathmatch is a new game mode released into Gun Bros where a player can face another via Game Center or Facebook. The objective of deathmatch is to kill the other player three times without dying three times yourself. There are three deathmatch-exclusive powerups: the Speed Boost, Attack Boost, and Defense Boost. There are five different "maps" that are not planet-based. Guns are assigned per map, and gun packages will randomly appear based on the map. The planets will have the same environment as the usual gameplay, but there are barriers that can be shot down. Planets with explosive barrels will damage any players in range, and the Spire and Ceres 2 Turrets will not affect the match.

Note: a player's Game Center rank is based on their amount of Deathmatch wins.

This weapon is very rare --> *

Mad Dogs, ER97D Destroyer, Trident, Two Timer Peacemakers, The Boss, Blood Geyser
Warbringers, Energy Gauntlet, Tetraspear, Bunker Buster TK-99 Buzzsaw, Shurikannon, Machete Mayhem
Warbringers, Event Horizon, Johnny Gun, Bunker Buster The Wombat, Ion Assault, XXXL Liquefier
Peacemakers, Pulse Rifle, Blood Geyser, The Boss Space Disruptor*, Infinity Laser, The Parasite, Quad Blender
Hand Cannons, RPB35 Prometheus, Machete Mayhem, Shurikannon Preadator, Tuning Fork U-235, The Apocalypse, Cataclysm X4*, The Kraken*