Loading Screen

Gun Bros loading screen, showing its player characters, Percy and Francis Gun.

Gun Bros is a mobile game published by Glu Mobile.


The player takes the role of Percy and Francis Gun, two superhuman soldiers working for an organization known as F.R.A.G.G.E.D.. Their main goal is to defeat another army-like organization, T.O.O.L..


Fighting T.O.O.L.Edit

The Bros fight off T.O.O.L. soldiers on four different planets. Each planet has ten revolutions which have 50 waves each. More enemies appear each wave, and new enemies appear as the player progresses. The enemies become more powerful each revolution. Fighting T.O.O.L. earns the player xplodium, a powerful element that can be converted into coins. Beating a wave without taking damage will cause it to be a perfect wave, which will earn the player 5% more xplodium. Fighting T.O.O.L. also earns the player experience (XP). Enough XP will cause the player to level up.

The four planets are:

  • Cerberus Prime: A volcanic T.O.O.L. planet. There are multiple explosive barrels on the map which can be shot to kill nearby soldiers.
  • Haven: This planet contains the Spire, which can be activated to make T.O.O.L. soldiers walk in slow-motion, making them easier to kill.
  • Ceres 2: This planetoid requires level 20 and contains more powerful units than other planets. There are also turrets on the map which will shoot at T.O.O.L. when activated.
  • Yeroc Sina: An earth-like planet. This planet features F.R.A.G.G.E.D. recruits who will fight at the player's side, as well as explosive barrels.

Fighting ZombiesEdit

Zombies are fought on only one planet, Bokor. Zombies are fought in 10 hordes instead of revolutions and waves. In horde 1, 100 zombies have to be killed in order to advance to the next horde. This number increases by 100 in each horde. Killing zombies without taking damage adds to a killstreak. Higher killstreaks will result in higher numbers of Xplodium and XP.


The refinery appears after every battle. There are multiple slots in which xplodium can be converted into coins. The longer you wait, the more coins are rewarded.


In the store, new weapons and armor can be bought using coins and War Bucks. War Bucks are available at the bank in the store, in exchange for real money.


Players can fight with two players online via Facebook or Game Center. It is also possible to have one of your Facebook/Game Center friends controlled by AI if they are offline. There is also a Deathmatch option, where you can fight against other players.