"After the passage of the Protection of Outdated Property act of 3072, which blockaded all ports suspected of harboring illegal trade, you'd think there would be no more space pirates. You'd be wrong."

-In-game description

The Scallywag is a heavy weapon reminiscent of a ship's mounted cannon. The weapon has a quite low rate of fire, in return for a moderate amount of damage and a speed penalty. The weapon, despite it's warbuck cost, is not recommended. There are better weapons available that do not cost warbucks, such as the coronal ejector, which performs the same function, but with more damage and splash. This weapon has some very interesting characteristics in a heavy weapon. It has very little splash damage, and rather, fires a single, large cannonball that moves through any T.O.O.L. in it's way, dealing full damage. This can be both detrimental and helpful, depending on your play style. It is advisable to avoid this weapon unless you value it aesthetically, (or use it in combination with the arrr! armor).

Stats Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Power; 300 320 345 360
Critical; None Low Medium High
Damage; 1100 1150 1170 1190
RPM; 67 71 72 73
Speed; -20 -15 -10 -5